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A musical adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Concept and Adaptation by John R. Briggs

Music, Lyrics & Book by John R. Briggs and Dennis West

Passion, Rock & Pop

In this rock opera of Dracula rock and pop combine to create a musical with bite, verve and nerve. Passion is in the cool night air as the coldly calculating Dracula seeks the hot blood of his delectable and vulnerable victims. Driven by a lust that is hypnotizing and unnatural, the count from Transylvania becomes the obsession of those who desire him and those who seek to rid the earth of his unholy presence forever. It is a journey that audiences desire and embrace.

Capturing the Mystery

Darkness, fog and glistening moonlight combine in a mystical manner to capture the energies of the soulless children of the night. Count Dracula’s magnetic personality pulsates throughout this musical, creating an evening of theatre that’s filled with heart-pounding tension, sensual intimacies and fearless heroics. Audiences are drawn to Dracula in the same way in which his victims are. Simultaneously they are fascinated and repulsed by the enigmatic count.

The Scare and Flair of this Musical

With a score that pulsates with the various heartbeats of its characters and delineates the rhythms of its shifting plot, Dracula is an exciting musical journey that embraces the theatrical nature of the vampire legend. Perfect for the stage, this rock opera entices, entertains and enthralls audiences.

Deeply disturbing, hauntingly harrowing and exotically enthralling, this is the story of deceptive creature with an insatiable appetite for blood, life and carnage. With a story that twists and turns along an unpredictable path, this rock opera pushes headlong towards inexorable conflicts that lead to destruction, redemption and unalterable love.

Characters and Plot

Jonathan Harker journeys to Transylvania to conclude the purchase of England’s Carfax Abbey by Count Dracula.  Unbeknownst to Harker, Dracula sees a photo of the young man’s fiancée, Wilhelmina, and vows to make her his wife.  While there, he discovers that Dracula is a vampire, who only allows him to live until their business is finished.

Back in England, Wilhelmina is helping Lucy, her best friend, prepare for her wedding to Arthur.  Lucy is also beloved by Dr. Seward, Arthur’s good friend, but must remain silent in his love. 

Meanwhile, Harker, who is still in Transylvania, plans to destroy Dracula and his three vampire wives.  Before he can fulfill his mission, he is discovered and flees from his attackers.  Trapped by the undead who are about to make him one of their own, Harker chances fate and jumps from a castle window, escaping the lust of the vampires.

Dracula, obsessed with Wilhelmina, sails for England and settles into Carfax Abbey.  Once there, he first seduces Lucy into letting him into her boudoir where he turns her into a vampire.  Dr. Seward calls in Dr. Van Helsing to save Lucy, but he arrives too late. 

Wilhelmina, distraught about Harker’s long absence and needing his support, travels to Transylvania and finds her love in the care of monks.  She prays for his survival and her prayers are answered.  She brings him back to England.

In England the suspicious deaths of several children cause Van Helsing to conclude that Lucy is now one of the undead. He recruits Harker, Seward and Arthur to join him in hunting her down and destroying her once and for all.  They find her in the cemetery about to kill another child.  The men drive a holly stake through her heart and cut off her head. 


At the same time, Dracula goes to Wilhelmina where he courts her desires.  Van Helsing and company return and confront Dracula, who magically escapes in the form of a bat. But the men are too late to have prevented Wilhelmina from being bitten by the vampire.

Van Helsing leads the men back to Carfax Abbey to discover and destroy Dracula and his wives.  However, they find and kill only the vampire’s wives.  The calculating Dracula has returned to Wilhelmina to complete his transformation of her.  He steals her back to his castle in Transylvania with Van Helsing and company in pursuit.


With Dracula on his castle steps, the men confront him where he uses his unholy power to ready them for slaughter.  However, love proves to be a greater power as it allows Wilhelmina to break his trance and drive a holly stake through his heart.  Dracula desperately attempts to cross the threshold to his castle but the cleansing rays of the rising sun fall upon him, turning him to ashes. Wilhelmina and Harker are united in holy love.

Audiences Are Passionate About Dracula

It’s the mesmeric character of the ultimate bad boy of life and death, Count Dracula, that pulls audiences into the theatre and has then glued to their seats for this sexy, passionate musical. Complex rhythms, transformational melodies and diverse tempos create an aura that intertwines characters, desires and emotions in a conflict that can only be resolved through the destruction of either good or evil. Good perseveres and true love is embraced and celebrated, leaving audiences with a tale satisfyingly told in an ultimately theatrical fashion. This is a musical audiences come back to see again and again.

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The Candlewood production plays out like a seductive nightmare. Always teetering on the edge of some unspoken evil, some forbidden fruit, this production is as suggestive as it is revealing. Joanne Greco Rochman – 1997

You will hear sophisticated tunes which mirror the complexity of the epistolary novel… It’s an example of fine performance, worthy of notice in the legitimate theatre, effected with the professional delivery of a Shakespearian masterpiece… It clearly has a Broadway-quality polish. Anton Anderssen -- 2010

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